Ducks vs. Arizona - should we be nervous?

  • Posted on: 15 November 2007
  • By: Amanda Fritz

Guest Post by Maxwell Fritz

Reprinted with permission from a son-to-mother email about tonight's football game between the Universities of Oregon and Arizona, broadcast live nationwide on ESPN starting at 6 p.m.


I don't know how nervous we should be tonight. Here's a quick summary:

We should be nervous:

- Arizona has a good big-play pass offense and know how to score.
- Their coach is a defensive thinker and might come up with some good stuff.
- It's a road PAC-10 game, and we haven't had one of those against a decent team yet.
- Arizona clobbered us last year, and two years ago (the Kellen Clemens 10-2 season) we barely escaped from Tuscon with a win.
- Are the Ducks REALLY the second best team in the country, are we REALLY going to play for the national title, I mean, REALLY?

We shouldn't be nervous:

- Arizona lost to New Mexico.
- Arizona is 4-6.
- We can win on the road in big, meaningful games this year (see Michigan).
- Dennis Dixon is good at football.
- Jonathan Stewart is good at running from one end of the field to the other without getting tackled to the ground, which is advantageous in the game of football.
- It's on national TV, it's off a bye (and Mike Bellotti is 12-1 after a bye with the Ducks), we will be focused.
- If we can't beat Arizona, we would have gotten clobbered against LSU anyway and that would have been sad.


And there you have it. I'm nervous. I keep telling myself this is not your last year's Ducks team. But I realize how preposterous it is that l'il ol' Oregon could play for the National Championship. And then I think hey, l'il ol' Maxwell's mom is running for City Council, and some people think she has a shot at it. Amazing stuff happens.


Of the three of us at my work who can be bothered, one "had a bad dream about the game" and says Arizona, 34-31. Another is a nervous Nelly who says Oregon, 35-28. Michael5000 says: Last year's game was a travesty, but it has no bearing on this year. Bad dreams are bad, but they're just dreams. Our team rocks. Oregon, 52-17.

I'm definitely in the "not nervous" camp. The Cats have had a bad time with mobile QBs lately. Hello, Dennis! Also, the offense always has the advantage over the D when there's a layoff. And perhaps most important of all, not only do the Ducks need to win, unless and until Kansas loses they know they need to look _really good_ winning. Oregon will be highly motivated to run up the score, not let down. In fact, I tend to prefer the situation they're in, where every point could be precious on either side of the ball. I'm going to say 45-17 Ducks. If they can put up more than 50 and hold Zona under 20, that oughta be enough to impress the pollsters for a week.